Amazon Fresh to deliver your groceries?

amazonfresh We've spoken about Amazon Fresh before, where the internet giant delivers your groceries to you - and it looks like Amazon are about to go hard on rolling out in the UK. With Tesco and Sainsbury's having a rough time of it lately, Amazon look like they want to muscle in.

Amazon have signed a 10-year lease on a former 300,000 feet Tesco warehouse, which is thought to be related to their interest in groceries, rather than simply delivering books and DVDs.

As we've previously said, Amazon Fresh has been a thing in the US for a while, and with the company securing a bunch of warehouses that are suitable for handling fresh food, it really does look like they're going after the nation's weekly shop.

The UK's £149 billion grocery market is in flux at the moment, which means it is a good time for Amazon to get involved. It is thought that Amazon Fresh is going to target getting 2% of the market in the UK, which is three times the share the Ocado has, who happen to be the country's biggest online-only retailer.

Amazon aren't up for offering a comment about all this, so we can only speculate. All signs point to a new place where you can buy your spuds and Coco Pops from though.

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  • Peter T.
    If the delivery charge is included in Amazon Prime then I might be in. However, living as I do in the wilds of Yorkshire, I don't see that happening very soon.

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