80 more Aldi stores on the way

aldi_logo Aldi are still having a lovely time, and are planning on creating 5,000 new jobs and open 80 new stores, as they continued to impress in the UK. They've already got over 600 shops in Britain, and employ around 28,000 workers.

Aldi regional managing director Ruth Doyle said: "To support our continued expansion and the ongoing performance of our existing stores, it's important that we attract the right candidates across all of our roles. We're looking for individuals with a real passion for retail who are seeking a long-term career with a growing and ambitious business."

"Aldi provides all staff with extensive training and development opportunities to ensure they have the necessary skills to make a real success of their career."

Start sending your CVs now, eh? Not to us though. That would be preposterous.

This is all dreadful news for the bigger, more established supermarket in the UK, as Aldi are slowly eating away at all their profits and footfall figures. Since shoppers changed their shopping habits, places like Tesco and Asda have just not been able to keep up, while Aldi and Lidl are runaway successes.

Aldi and Lidl have doubled their market share in three years, and the rate at which they're growing continues apace. By the end of 2016, Aldi say they're going have 700 stores in the UK.


  • Albi
    5000 new jobs and still only one checkout ever open in every store.
  • Connor S.
    Creating 5000 new jobs - as Aldi appear to have a lower head-count per store/customer than their competitors - who will presumably have to lay-off staff as Aldi take their business…….. How many jobs are being lost? I suspect there will be a net loss in the industry
  • pete
    Shopping at Aldi is far quicker than at the giant stores of Tesco, Asda etc. And cheaper. The staff get better wages than most supermarket staff. No self-service checkouts either.
  • Bottom I.
    Aldi are really good. Just cheap stuff, none of this nonsense offers and crap like that. Ok, sometimes you go in for some potatoes and come out with a book about how to draw animals, but I can forgive them.

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