4G could boost the retail industry by billions

4 April 2013

4G - which will hopefully make it possible to do something more elaborate with your phone than cheat at pub quizzes- could boost the retail industry by an estimated £1.8 billion, according to a study by ebay Europe.

4G shopping

The theory is that faster speeds and a more reliable internet connection will encourage more people to shop using their mobiles. At the moment mobile retail is something of a mystery to many companies, and it only makes up a tiny proportion (10%) of business.

Ebay reckons retailers need to optimise their mobile sites to take advantage of 4Gs izzy whizzy fantastic properties. At the moment, you can’t buy a pair of ugly work trousers from Dorothy Perkins without encountering some technical 3G black hole – and half of mobile users surveyed said their mobile shopping experiences were about as productive and fun as trying to get off with a Top Shop dummy.

If 4G actually works, and retailers respond with apps that make it easy to shop on the hop, it will change the industry – and the money pot is potentially huge. With Microsoft claiming that smartphones and tablets will have completely eclipsed desktop computers by 2014, retailers need to get their mobile act together – super fast.

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  • Yog S.
    Let's see how much of that gets received as tax.
  • bargain h.
    It dosen't get around the fact that making purchases on mobiles is tricky due to the small screen size though does it.
  • Dick
    ^ I agree. For me, it is not the speed, it is the amount of information on display.
  • bargain h.
    Using the phone as a payment method in itself as a replacement for a payment card and also to be used as a sort of electronic discount voucher are certainly ideas that may work however. Indeed in Japan this has been the case for some time. But internet speed would not be a major factor in this. I see 4G as being a tool for media rather than e-commerce. But it cant hurt can it.

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