4 ways to furnish your home and save money

Saving money isn't all that difficult at the moment, because everybody is desperate to make it. Auctions and clearance houses are big business where everyone wins, and in the case of police auctions, crime may not pay but it'll save you a few quid. If you're already a seasoned auction attendee and know your clearance websites better than the names of your children, then remember to leave any tips you have on saving money in the comments:

Clearance Comet
Some of us are prepared to live with a dented washing machine when it arrives, while more play merry hell with customer services and have it returned. Comet have a website solely for auctioning returned products with cosmetic damage and ex-display models. All of Comet's product lines are available, although how much you save varies from auction to auction.

House clearances
They're nothing new, but there's more incentive than ever to sell off what we no longer need. The days of hoarding are gone; if it hasn't been interfered with by a four year-old armed with a felt-tip, it's good to go. A quick scan through Gumtree finds all sorts of paraphernalia and open houses where everything is for sale, from ladies ski boots to a full flat's worth of furniture; all you need is a white van and hard cash.

Car boot sales
Everyone loves getting up at stupid o'clock on a Sunday morning and standing in the piss wet chilled to the bollocks. But there's plenty of money to be had by clearing out the junk, and by buying it too; Money Watch has ten tips for a successful car boot sale, and if you think there's nothing but cheap tat on offer, take heart in the recent story of a woman who bought a £2 plaque worth £1,000.

Police auctions
Our bobbies confiscate thousands of pounds worth of stolen goods every year. If they can't be traced back to their owner, then our local police forces steal them all for Christmas presents auction the items off. You'll find a full list of everything currently available in the UK at Bumblebee Auctions; there are some insanely low prices to be had.


  • Rob L.
    Thanks for the link to Money Watch! Some useful money saving ideas here, thanks.
  • Bogus B.
    what about freecycle?
  • Wendy C.
    Thanks for this - really good tips, but it would be better if you could read it, black text on a brown background really does not work!
  • Currysbod
    Currys have an auction site too: www.currysauction.co.uk

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