2014 High street sales to reach all time high

British high street It's been quite the year on the British high street, as the retail sector are projecting an all time high for sales in 2014. Hurrah.

The forecast from the Office of National Statistics shows that sales for the year are expected to reach £342bn - a £48bn increase since 2010.

"Thanks" to the likes of Black Friday and that, pre-Christmas sales are up by 5.2% compared with last year.

The Government have muscled in on it and reckons the High Street is fighting back with successes not limited to online retailers and big hitters. Even the smaller shops have had a bumper 2014, with £72bn in turnover.

Commenting on the retail figures, Business Minister Matthew Hancock said: "The return of the high street is fantastic news and goes to show that we are on course for prosperity."

However the Labour party reckon we should be cautious. In a statement, the party said: "Britain's retail sector leads the world in innovation, supports thousands of jobs and we want to see it go from strength to strength... but sadly under the Tory-led government, across the board growth has been patchy, unbalanced and unsustainable, benefiting only those at the top."

While there is truth in that, let's just be grateful that things are getting marginally better. LOOK TO THE FUTURE NOW, IT'S ONLY JUST BEGUN.

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