20% of Christmas purchases were made online

We all went mad for online shopping this Christmas, with more British people doing their shopping on the internet than ever before. Proving we’re becoming a nation of browsers and clickers - rather than shovers and queuers - in December online non-food purchases went up to 19.2% from the same month in 2012.

Father Christmas

In fact, British Retail Consortium figures showed that almost 20% of purchases made this Christmas were online.

David McCorquodale, KPMG head of retail, said: ‘Whilst store sales continue to flatline, online sales remain the main driver of growth for the sector. The winners this Christmas were those retailers with slick multichannel operations, who could offer consumers the flexibility to shop how, and when, they wanted to.’

Yep, we're a bunch of connected eager beavers, and we're all getting better at sniffing out bargains online. We're also more organised, with a higher figure snapping up coveted and quick selling items (like Playstation 4, etc.) online in November.

BRC’s Director general Helen Dickinson hinted at a ‘fragile recovery’ and said overall, Christmas retail figures were ‘respectable.’ But with budgets tight and a world of online bargains at our fingertips, it seems that retailers who don't have a decent online presence will be going DAHN.

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