2 for 1 on moral judgements at Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s have apologised for an incident involving one of their employees, who started giving grief to a young mother out with her six week old baby. The mother, Sabina Latto, was shopping at the store in Hedge End, Hampshire, when she was approached by a female Sainsbury’s employee with a bee in her hairnet.

Hedge End Retail Park

‘She decided to tell me that, basically, I shouldn't be out of the house with a baby this young,’ explained Ms Latto. ‘She asked me what I was thinking 'bringing my son to a place like this’. It left me completely shocked, I was almost speechless. Then she went on to ask me where the father was. It made it seem like I wasn't looking after him properly and that I was neglecting him when all I was doing was having a look round the shops.’

Because nobody likes to be judged about their personal life in the frozen peas aisle, Ms Latto understandably complained about the busybody old boot, and the employee later apologised.

Sainsbury’s, however, say they are deeply concerned about the matter and will investigate. They have also asked Ms Latto in for a meeting with the store manager.

It looks like they'll have to make her the MOTHER of all apologies. If they really want to make it up to her, though, they should give her a million points on her Nectar card to buy what new parents need the most: wine and painkillers.


  • Reader
    _Ms_ Latto is a _mother_ Therein lies the problem.
  • Mad H.
    A million Nectar points wouldn't stretch to both. You might just get a cheap bottle of plonk for that
  • shiftynifty
    Get your morals at sainsburys Live Well For Less
  • Rhod A.
    @Reader: Too right! Poor little bastard.
  • Dr T.
    Well done Sainsbury's, I wish all supermarkets would demonise mothers with young children, I am feed up with these people spoiling the wonderful shopping experience and ambiance for the rest of us.
  • Desmond
    She sounds African, deport her and stop her benefits
  • fibbingarchie
    '...nobody likes to be judged about their personal life...' We'd all be happier if we didn't give a shit about what strangers thought of us. Why get offended by another's opinion? Aaaaannnnd....she never answered the question about the father. That's probably what got her the most; knowing she's not good enough to retain a man's attention, and the realisation she's nothing more than a spunk-bucket.
  • Dean W.
    Actually she is MRS Latto and she is very white and very British. She doesn't claim benefits and is what many would consider a very "respectable person. Not that ANY of that should make any difference!
  • Dean W.
    And for all those too stupid to make the connection, the father is her HUSBAND

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