1500 people queue round the block for...

When you see a large queue, what do you imagine would be at the end of it? A potential record contract with Syco? The Beatles circa 1965? Free chips?

People queuing for the cinema.

Well one such queue snaked around the block in Bridgnorth in Shropshire on Friday as a staggering 1,500 people lined up for a chance to…GET A JOB AT ALDI.

*sound of deflating balloon*

Yes, despite interviews for 40 positions not starting until 1pm that day, the queue of desperate/enthusiastic prospective Aldi employees started to form at 10am.

Aldi were staging an open day of mini-interviews, asking people to turn up and hand in their CVs, but so many came that staff were forced to start seeing candidates 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

Candidates for the stock and store assistant positions, which began at 20 hours a week, ranged from mums to school leavers. One woman said: ‘I need this job to keep paying the bills and keep everything ticking over, including feeding my two children and getting them new school uniforms.’

More proof, if needed, that this country is effed.


  • LegoBatman
    What is wrong with working for a living? "A JOB AT ALDI" is a job after all..... Chill n' Flex.
  • treboeth
    how is this proof the country is fucked. people trying to get a job? could be writing crap articles for a living.
  • James E.
    Aldi jobs are very good, they respect and pay their staff well.

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