13 hours left to vote for the Worst Company in Britain 2009

22 December 2009

worst It’s proving to be the most controversial poll since the Christmas number one battle even though it’s, well, about ten thousand times more important. Yes, it’s the Bitterwallet Worst Company In Britain 2009 competition – the public vote that’s led to almost six inches of rabid complaining. Maybe Bitterwallet should have been included in the line-up? A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Just a reminder that you’ve still got until midnight to cast your vote in what, lest we forget is JUST A BIT OF FUN REALLY AND NOT ACTUALLY THE GENERAL FUCKING ELECTION. Then, we’ll announce who you’ve voted as the worst company of the past year and the head honchos of said company will at best raise an eyebrow and carry on being shite.

Undaunted, we’ll soon be accepting your nominations for the Best Company in Britain 2009, and we’re REALLY looking forward to the warped arguments that competition will lead to.

Oh you lot: we love you to bits but GAAAAHHHHHHH!!


  • Codify
    Ebay/Paypal should be merged as an option, they are the same company. Currently they are just splitting the vote, allowing a craptacular result like royal mail coming first - boring. Merge the two and allow DSGi back in. Go on, you know you want to. P.S. the poll is now using ip tracking rather than cookies to prevent multiple votes - means people will have to take a couple of extra seconds to switch their router off and on again. Tough.
    • Andy D.
      @Codify - If someone really wants to go to the trouble of repeatedly switching their router off and on again in order to corrupt a poll that, when considered in the grand scheme of things, is a relatively unimportant piece of fun, that person needs to seriously look at their lifestyle choices.
  • ScottC
    Codify - Royal Mail deserve to come first anyway!
  • Nobby
    eBay and PayPal are different companies.
    • Andy D.
      You can theoretically use eBay without ever using Paypal and use Paypal without ever using eBay; that's why they were listed separately. We could have listed the DSGi companies individually but they're just all the same shit with different signs above the door. Hope that helps.
  • andy
    before this Ebay won Royal mail 702 vs 487. absolutely point less and stupid how the pool is made.
  • Rob L.
    Hehe, it may be only slightly more democratic and believable than a Zimbabwean general election, but we need to remember it's just a bit of fun!
  • bwreader
    CeX should be top of this list! Add them next year!
  • scribbles
    The general public has short memories. They see how long their parcels take to arrive and start screaming about how shit RM is. I usually get my 1st class recorded packages in one working day. That ain't bad. Don't blame the workers for striking against their slave driver employers!
  • Derby P.
    Royal Mail have just announced a rise of 2p on the cost of first and second class stamps in the new year. On the basis of the current poll results, how exactly can they justify that?
  • Royal B.
    [...] Mail, the company currently topping the leaderboard for our Worst Company of 2009 (vote here), are about to whack up the price of a first-class stamp. That’s clever isn’t it? First [...]
  • goon
    this is stupid ebay and paypal are the same thing
  • andy
    Ebay = Paypal like PcWorld = Currys Aka Called DSG Someone is Cheating the votes everybody know Royal Mail is Bad but not as EBAY INC.
  • J B.
    What a load of codswallop. ive seen better polls on the equator. only a few hundred votes for each and a stupid knockout like its a football tournament. just put all 30 odd companies in 1 poll for a month or more. VS? whats the point in VS! verus is for people that want to win, not for loser companies!
    • Andy D.
      He's right everyone. I'm shutting the fucker down.
  • Andie
    ebay is paypal, ok, both can almost be used without the other (but feebay insist you must have paypal as a payment option)one owns the other, both are up their own arses and succeed only in making the simple complex & the enjoyable shite, kinda like what Simon Cowell did to music. if where splitting companies up, then let's have parcel farce up alongside royal fail. what do the winners get anyway?, border's vouchers?
  • Paul
    When eBay was up against Royal Mail without the presence of a related company (Paypal), eBay got more votes than Royal Mail. That was by far a fairer comparison than this one, and you know it yourselves.
  • Merlinho
    After Royal Mail totally screwed me around the other day, through a combination of Posties putting a "sorry you weren't in cards" through the letterbox when the packet would have fitted through the letterbox (maybe they didn't even bother bringing the packet in the first place?), not delivering to my concierge as instructed, and then their customer service line and delivery office seemingly being two distinct organisations who don't bother talking to each other (except via e-mail, which takes 48 working hours!), I have no hesitation in voting for Royal Mail. To quote the man in the sorting office, when I told him I'd rang their customer service number "Don't ring them, they're totally crap!". I asked who I should ring instead. He replied "you have to ring them, that's our only number". My laughter at the answer did not bring apology, only aggression. I rest my case.
  • Greenshoots G.
    Today’s announcement of a two pence rise in the price of sending both first and second class letters is an increase that is well above the rate of inflation and is in my view totally unjustifiable. Sadly the more the price rises the poorer the standard of service seems to become - probably due to bureaucracy and bad management. I doubt whether the deteriorating standard of is due to the frontline staff – my own local postman does an absolutely brilliantly job.
  • KJ
    eBay is far far worst then royal mail, the charges on e-bay are stupid and they claim to do something about counterfeit goods? Do they f**k!! Just ebay any branded clothing, headphones, watches, trainers, handbags and etc, and u will see that over 50% of the items are fake!! WTF are u doing ebay? its simple a large portion of their income is on counterfeit goods. They are aiding criminals in selling sh!t, which means most of their profit is dirty moneyl!! CRIMINALS thats all they are. Also the final valuation fee are stupid, and u get charged for everything!! Really hate using ebay to sell things on. Paypal I am not too bothered, they are 2 different companies and I have had good experience with them. Won a few cases with them and got some money back. Royal Mail is well Royal Mail. Sometimes they work sometimes they don't (literally). But I do get my packages so no hate from me. Strike action was a terrible thing to do, but it was all controlled by the Union, those idiots only know the word "strike action". Its normal for any person to feel threatened with job loss and redundancies, so they feel they "have to do" or "have no choice but to do" something.
  • anti-paypal
    this is stupid,surely the companies with the top 2 highest vote should go against each other in another vote!i advise anyone who hates ebay to VOTE for PAYPAL now.otherwise this will let royal mail win!they are bad.but paypal are even worse no doupt about it!
  • pete
    WTF ?????,Paypal should be winning this by a mile.
  • ScottC
    KJ - I feel you miss the point. If you dont like eBay - dont use it. Simple as. Royal Mail screw every person in this country with their monopoly on light letters, and then have the cheek to strike when the company dare to threaten job cuts in a RECESSION. RM seriously needs to get with the times.
  • And B.
    [...] finally over. The Bitterwallet readership have spoken and the noise they are making is that Royal Mail is the Worst Company In Britain for [...]
  • Ian N.
    The worst company in Britain for customer service must be Pipex/Tiscali. When my aunt died they refused to talk to me and continued to send statements, and leave voicemail messages on the phone in the empty flat badgering for outstanding bills which could not be paid because the bank account was frozen. Took 6 months and intervention from 'The Independent' to get it sorted. eBay is a terrific marketplace despite drawbacks PayPal is the cheapest way for small businesses to take money because the banks charge too much for merchant accounts. Royal Mail - where would we be without them!!? Don't blame the postie for their ills, blame the management who have no concept of 'public service'.
  • fella-tio
    Bitterwallet FAIL! congratulations, fucked it up for 2 years in a row now...not to worry though I'm sure you couldnt give a fuck and are too busy living on the fruits of your deal with Amazon

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