£1.50 Aldi shampoo beats luxury brand costing £130

Another triumph for budget supermarket Aldi, this time on the follicular front – its own brand shampoo has outperformed a rival shampoo that costs a scalp tingling £130.

aldi carino provive

While you'd have to be a total dipstick to shell out £130 to wash your hair, apparently some people pay £60 for Philip B Oud Royal Forever shampoo, and another £70 for his conditioner. (Something to do with botanical hydrators and light reflecting unicorn tears.)

But it turns out that neither the luxury brand or mid range brand Bumble and Bumble (£39) is as good as Aldi's Carino Provive (75p each for shampoo and conditioner). In a blind test, consultant trichologist Iain Sallis thought that the Bumble and Bumble brand was the worst, and that the £130 shampoo left hair flat and lifeless.

About the cheapo Aldi slop he said: 'I think these are the most expensive products. They've swollen the hair shaft by about 9 per cent, but cuticles do not look raised, suggesting more refined ingredients. Under a microscope I see a coating at root and scalp level that may cause irritation.'

So the verdict is – Aldi shampoo makes your hair look great, but it MIGHT give you an itchy scalp. Still, scratching your head like a louse-infested tramp is a small price to pay for bouncing, shiny hair - right, ladies?


  • Richard
    Aldi shampoo, helping to put the poo into shampoo, I made myself laugh with that one.
  • Jerry
    There you go, I hope you Brits learn soon that things which have no brand name can be good as well! I am German, live in the UK and love the country, but the Supermarkets suck! Go to Tesco for some toast and milk, and maybe one or two things you also need and then something which on ‘special offer’ and you’ll spent at least GBP 10 for sure! I go every week to make a weekly shopping for 2 people at Aldi, and buy anything I want, and I don’t care if it is expensive or not, get 1 or 2 bottles of wine and also some steaks etc. and I usually spent around GBP 40 to GBP 50. And as a message to all of you: The food at Aldi and Lidl is generally of very good quality! Go and spent your money there and you can safe really much cash. (We Germans took decades to realize this by the way, but now basically everyone does the grocery shopping in these discount stores)
  • wonka
    @Jerry - haven't you left a tank unattended that needs your attention?
  • Mr G.
    Not really sure how the Aldi Shampoo beats the rest if it might give you an itchy scalp (and presumably the other ones won't)
  • Dick
    Quite a bit of the food is not good quality at Aldi and Lidl. It is just that some of their products are good.
  • Ben
    @wonka - Yawn... another crap German war pun!
  • Hans N.
    They sell toast at Tesco!?
  • fox f.
    Aldi & Lidl, .I'm with Jerry here, plenty of military families would shop off base because the quality & price were often far better than the Naafi, ..another thing to remember is that Tesco, where so many of the muppets shop was deemed a stinking shit hole until it got gay looking chef robert? carrier ( pron, carry-eh) to fawn over frozen turkeys in festive jumpers for a few years, it was a skankhole of the worst order. (& still is, just a very heavily marketed popular one, serving low quality tasteless food to dumbasses used to eating shit with no flavour, in the main). Aldi & Lidl do some very good food, & charcuterie, (not all is great but when is it)? ..was passig through Lidl the other week & got a dozen frozen garlic snails for about £1.20 tasty, someamazing fresh baked goods (excellent giant pretzel) coffee, lemon tea, (better than liptons) & allsorts, the store was airy, & not filled with the putrid noisy mongs I encounter all too frequently in Tesco's. Give it a try, unless you are one of those rancid mongers I was on about, it may well surprise you.
  • Easy L.
    @fox fingering freddy: Did you also wait 25 minutes at the only checkout that was on whilst the old folks got their weekly shop? This is their weak point.
  • Salmonmax
    @easylover, it may be different where you are but the various Aldi's I've been to have all been particularly good at the checkouts - all open and the stuff just whizzes down the conveyer. I don't know if it's special training or different scanners but I get through a till in half the time of a typical tesco shop (no exaggeration ). Maybe you meant lidl, and I couldn't comment.
  • Captain.Cretin
    Aldi's sausage rolls are awful, Lidl's are far better. SO far I havent come across a Lidl brand that didnt taste at least as good (if not better), than the famous name brand at twice the price in a UK supermarket. That isnt to say they dont have the odd problem, in the 5 years my home town have had a Lidl I have found 1 dyed red hair in some potato salad and a batch of rancid Welsh Cheddar; both exchanged with profuse apologies when I took them back - none of this form filling and proving identity you get elsewhere. PS HEY TESCO !!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING 6 MONTHS FOR MY £20 REFUND, WHEN AM I GOING TO GET IT??? (last time I buy anything electronic from them over the internet.
  • fairytooth
    Aldi & Lidl do this sort of thing over and over again. Shampoo, Champagne, EdT, men's after shave, the list goes on. I take my hat off to both of them - and anyone who is too sniffy to use them needs to wake up and smell the coffee (The ground Bellarom coffee in the Gold pack to be specific).

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