You scream, I scream, we all scream for... bacon

As recently photographed by avid Bitterwallet reader Jamie in Canada - because you should never miss an opportunity to treat your mouth to meat:

Bitterwallet - bacon covered in ice cream


  • Plonka
  • SJT
    Chocolate covered bacon is amazing! Had it when I was in the US this summer - "Pig Lickers" Chocolate is amazing, bacon is amazing. How can you lose?
  • FFS
    While I wouldn't risk trying this, I can imagine it's one of those 'this shouldn't work, but it REALLY does' type things.
  • Jonny S.
    It's just fucking wrong!
  • The B.
    North American bacon is awful stuff, I'd rather eat Hilary Clinton.
  • chools
    I always thought it was Bill Clinton who people ate?
  • Nobby
    A south african bloke on Masterchef made roast quails on chocolate cake. He got the boot.
  • cheese

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