Women bundle corpse on a plane

The Grim Reaper, this weekend
Seeing as Easter is a corpse based holiday, it only seems right that we should all join in the deathly fun. Naturally, it isn't advised that we all go out on some grisly killing spree, so what can we do?

Well, we could trying smuggling cadavers onto aircraft.

That's what two women have done at Liverpool John Lennon Airport as the police arrested them when they threw the body of a dead relative onto an aircraft they were boarding. The staff at the airport flared a nostril and became suspicious when the women tried to check the man in for a flight to Berlin on Saturday.

The 91-year-old man from Germany is thought to have died the previous day, and had been put into a wheelchair and shunted around like a ragdoll. The women, aged 41 and 66, were arrested on suspicion of failing to give notification of a death but have now been released on bail.

Apparently, the police are investigating reports that the body had been taken to the airport by taxi from Oldham. That either means that they simply didn't notice that the old coot was dead in the first place or, they simply assumed that he'd been bored into a coma after spending time in Oldham.



  • Sim
    Them scousers will nick anything
  • Jim W.
    Wonder if they were taking him to Bernies for the weekend ;)
  • Absinthian
    @Sim: Since when do scousers come from Oldham?!
  • Spark
    I hope they were charged the excess luggage fee.
  • Andy B.
  • fior
    "Don't disturb my friend. He's dead tired"
  • Darron B.
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