Will writers are rubbish, so they're going to face legal services regulators!

24 April 2012

last-will-and-testamentYou are going to die. This is certain. Unless you're Bruce Forsyth who is going to live forever like Mumm-Ra. When you die, you'll want to leave your debts and meagre possessions to your beleaguered loved ones, won't you?

Well be careful with who you get to write your last will and testament because there's a bunch of lousy will writers out there.

Because of this, the Legal Services Board (LSB) has released proposals which says they're going to deliver better protection to consumers that are writing wills by ensuring everyone providing services in this area is regulated.

This comes on the back of an investigation into will writing that found a number of worrying problems including "consistent patterns of sloppiness, simple errors and poor communication often resulting in an unacceptable service," said the LSB. Apparently, 20% of wills contain mistakes. That's a statistic worse than death itself.

The LSB have voiced concerns regarding the poor quality of some consumers' wills, not to mention unethical sales practices and fraud. There's also been a failure to deliver effective redress when things go wrong. It has been vowed that it will be pretty much impossible for unscrupulous providers to avoid new regulation.

Chairman of the legal services board, David Edmonds, said: "This is not about extending regulation for the sake of it; it is about maintaining public confidence in an important legal process; enhancing the environment for reputable providers; and protecting consumers at particularly vulnerable times in their lives."


  • Pedo P.
    Solicitors being rubbish, who'd've thunked it?
  • Zleet
    I have left specific instructions with my family that in the event of my death they are to sell everything they own and build me an elaborate tomb in the garden. I want traps and secret passages and they are to murder Alfred Molina and mount his body on some spikes against a wall. I want my corpse stuffed and preserved sat on a throne of human skulls.
  • Mike H.
    Wow Muf, pretty low interst in your article, and they were just taking the piss.
  • Billy S.
    Pedo Pete - the vast majority of will writing firms aren't qualified solicitors (in fact there is no need for any will writing firm to employ a solicitor) - hence all the errors. Solicitors do make mistakes but have their own professional indemnity insurance (and SRA sanctions) which will offer redress. No such provisions with will writing firms.....

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