Which is the best bacon? Important consumer testing from Which!!!

Bitterwallet - bacon sandwichBacon is an important human right*, and getting the right quality bacon, at the right price, is a cause of great consternation to many Bitterwallet readers throughout the country. However, consumer champion Which!!! has now swooped in to the rescue, having recruited some 'bacon testers' to sample bacon sold by the country's supermarkets in order to inform you which bacon is worth it's weight in, well, bacon. And the top bacon was so good, they've even awarded it a prestigious Which!!!  Best Buy award.

Which!!! asked a panel of ‘experts’ to assess bacon from ten different supermarkets- we want to know how you get to have  job that classifies you as a bacon expert and whether its genuinely means you have to eat bacon all day. Interestingly, and somewhat pointlessly, Which!!! asked the experts to assess the raw bacon as well as the cooked deliciousness. Quite why the appearance of the raw bacon is at all relevant to how it tastes while hot and crispy is beyond us, but that was, nevertheless, one of the criteria. The cooked rashers were then judged on aroma, taste and texture.

All the bacon tested was the premium, dry-cured back versions, unsmoked to avoid tainting the samples. The tests were also blind- with the experts having no idea which supermarket’s rashers they were sampling at any point.

Which!!! often claim that the cost of a product does not necessarily dictate the quality, and it seems this is also the case for salty pork products, as the  most expensive rashers (£3.49 for six rashers (200g) from Waitrose) came in bottom of the table of bacon tested. One judge described the bacon as ‘very average’, with rashers were so thin that they ‘would avoid it in a shop’.

In contrast, the Best Buy bacon was the joint cheapest available, and was lauded for its beautiful aroma and superb taste from ‘successfully balancing the salt level with the sweet dry cure’. The rashers were also thicker than most on test, making it "a real treat and our standout winner." So where does one find this Holy Grail of bacon? You already know the answer don’t you. It’s from Aldi.

The full table of results is shown below, and just goes to prove that you can get paid actual  money for eating bacon for a living.

Bacon table

*OK human right is perhaps a bit strong, but there’s something wrong with anyone who doesn’t like bacon amiright? Unless they’re a vegetarian or something.


  • David
    Great set of results. Is it complete coincidence that the results are in alphabetical order? So Aldi is the best and Waitrose is the worst. In fact I'm not sure I believe that.
  • tiderium
    In my opinion the best bacon is from Costco 6 250g packs for £6.99. most bacon when you cook it produces that white gunk in the pan this stuff doesn't.
  • Smylers
    Um, that table you have is just the supermarkets tested in alphabetical order, not the order of best bacon. (Waitrose just happens to be bottom of both.) Sainsbury's came top of Which!!!'s best bacon list; the comments you've ascribed to Aldi's bacon actually apply to Sainsbury's's.
  • bhtb
    It's Which? not Which!!! When will you get it right?
  • T
    Buy bacon from a butchers. It will be better quality and value for money than any supermarket & you support a local business :)
  • Patrick
    Hi guys, Patrick from Which!!! here (sadly not one of the bacon taste testers!). Afraid there's a bit of a porky-pie in this piece - you may have noticed, like others above, that the table is in alphabetical order. That's not the order in which the rashers came in our taste test. If you do want to know the final order (everyone loves bacon after all, amiright?), Which!!! members can find out on Which.co.uk. Cheers, Patrick from Which!?!
  • Squirty B.
    Bacon from a butchers? Surely that's made from non-locals who wandered into the wrong shop?
  • Jessie J.
    I just bite into the side of a pig. Freshness is best. Do it like a dude.
  • CAN p.
    CAN we have a link please
  • JonB
    @ CAN we have a link please It will be useless unless you have a Which? subscription.
  • digibanger
    ima shakin for the bacon white gunk..... mmmmmmmmm
  • Father J.
    Fail. Again.
  • Vocabulary W.
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