We really want... Australian ketchup engineering!

In the UK, if our condiments are either in bottles, or sachets. The latter are okay and all, but in Australia, they've got something brilliant! A miracle of design!

Nicked off Reddit, like everyone's articles these days, we witnessed the wonder of product engineering that is the Australian ketchup dispenser, and we want them in the UK, now!

Look at this video. Just look at it!

While we're getting sauce all over our fingers, or being suspicious that the ketchup in the bottle has been filled up with an inferior sauce, in Aus, they have these squeezable thing that is no doubt ten-a-penny over there, but a modern miracle compared to the absolute nonsense we use on these shores.

We want them. Give them to us. Going to a greasy spoon would be improved a hundredfold... apart from the rotten hangover you've taken in with you.

[via YouLikeItLikeWhat]

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