Tobacco firms realise there's money in e-cigs

health-e-cigarettes British American Tobacco - the second biggest cig vendor in the world - are going to rapidly expand its presence in the electronic cigarette market after launching its first product in Britain this week.

"We'll focus on the UK, but the e-cigarette business is moving quickly all over the world, and we want to make sure that we also move quickly, because we want to take a leading position," said BAT director Kingsley Wheaton.

"I think we'll be following it (Vype) up with other opportunities around the world with a reasonable degree of speed."

You will have seen people with RoboCop Fags in the pub no doubt, being enormously irritating. You'll have to get used to it though, as analysts reckon the e-cigs will overtake sales of trad. arr. smokes within 10 years. Hopefully, at some point, proper tests will be done on these and we'll find out that they're more dangerous than normal cigarettes.

Mainly because it'd be funny.


  • Chewbie
    Flex wit da erb Dese e cygs are rank for joints do
  • Olde S.
    Would "trad. arr. smokes" be hand-rolled?
  • Mark M.
    The only people that say e cigs arnt safe are the tobacco companies, and of course the government wants to regulate so they can get their share of the cash cow.
  • shiftynifty
    Eeeh get thee a big massive woodbine or park drive....back in the day...
  • Loser
    Flex wid da e-weed.
  • Big R.
    The Zig and the Zaggaman be puffin deep in me julie's pooosay! e-licious!

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