The sweet, sweet smell of burning pig flesh - anywhere!

Bacon is universally recognised as the embodiment of pure happiness, more welcoming than a cup of tea or a game of back seat yankee doodle. And there are many ways bacon can comfort us; in a syrup, as a suit and now, as an air freshener. Yes. if there's a special somebody in your life who lives for the aroma of lard and pig meat, there can be no finer gift:

Bitterwallet - Bacon Air Freshener



  • Nader
    i read a study once that the best smell a second hand car could have is bread... followed by bacon Anyone need to sell there car... this is the answer!
  • Carl
    when is the special bacon-flaps edition out?
  • blagga
    I would have thought that there would be a huge market for this at potential terrorist targets.
  • Nobby
    This is a good idea.
  • Bacon! B.
    [...] to recap, then – you can wear it as a suit, you can use it as a pouring syrup over any meal, it’s the perfect air freshener and of course it tastes bloody marvellous on a Sunday morning. But wait, there’s [...]

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