Tesco selling Dutch pork and passing it off as British?

"Goedemiddag... I mean, good day!"
"Goedemiddag... I mean, good day!"

Tests have revealed 'British' pork chops bearing the Red Tractor logo had 'most likely' come from the Netherlands. These tests showed there was a probability of less than 1% that the meat had come from a British farm.

And Tesco have been selling it, and have come out and said they are 'extremely disappointed' by the discovery.

BPEX tested the meat and Cranswick Country Foods, who supplied the pork to Tesco, told the BBC it had reviewed their systems and had told customers they could be confident that products are correctly labelled.

Their records showed that they'd got their food from F A Gill Ltd in Woverhampton, who in turn said it was only one of many suppliers and 'categorically denied' the pork had come from Holland.

BPEX chief executive Mick Sloyan said: "The evidence in this particular instance points to the fact that this was just an isolated case. This is not going to happen on a regular basis. I think we've shown that this technology works and it provides an extra level of reassurance for consumers in the traceability systems that we adopt."

Red Tractor chief executive officer David Clarke added: "After thorough follow up and scrutiny of the systems in this particular supply-chain we are now satisfied that this was an isolated case, further samples from the same source have proved satisfactory. We are also sure that it was caused by human error; this was not a case of deliberate mislabelling or fraud."

A Tesco spokesman meanwhile, said: "When we specify that we want British pork, we expect to be supplied with British pork. We have spoken with our supplier to make clear that this mistake is unacceptable."

Elsewhere, 99% of Britons don't actually give the vaguest hoot about this, regardless of what TV chefs have barked at them over the years.


  • Chewbacca
    Yeah, they also sell halal without telling folks. They also sold horse without telling folks. The fucking morons.
  • Ribald H.
    What's the worry? It'll be the good schtuff.
  • shiftynifty
    Another...Honest Guv...We didnt know.... we believed the suppliers, fuck up at tesco
  • Martin
    I don't buy meat from tesco anymore and urge anyone with a conscience to do the same.

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