Shopaholic Killed By Pile Of Unnecessary Stuff

A sad story elsewhere today of an old lady who almost literally shopped till she dropped.

77-year old Joan Cunnane was a compulsive shopper and hoarder who had filled her entire house with she stuff she neither needed nor wanted. Tragically, he condition was her ultimate downfall as she died when a pile of suitcases fell on her, burying her alive.

A search team entered her home in Heaton Mersey, near Stockport and discovered a treasure trove of goods, including brand-new umbrellas, candles, ornaments, trinkets, clothes, electrical items and piles of videotapes. Many of the items were unopened.



  • Mike H.
    If she was burried alive, is she still alive or dead? Or both?
  • Craig
    I keep trying to convince the mrs. that shopping is lethal, maybe if I show her this she might see sense!!
  • Russell
    @ Mike Hock Doesn't the title or the article give it away?
  • Bob
    I thought Juliet Bravo had been very quiet recently.
  • N P.
    watch out for her relatives becoming ebay millionaires soon!
  • Anon
    @ Mike, Russell, Yes it is poor writing. But' don't blame bitter wallet, they just copied that line directly from the daily mail article.
  • Paul S.
    Remember kids, don't feed the troll! It'll only mean Dave won't be able to eat his tea later.
  • JR
    I'm sorry that the media have trivialised this unfortunate woman's death by describing her as a 'shopaholic', which implies that she was self-indulgent. The details of her circumstances indicate that she probably suffered from some form of Obsessive-compulsive Personality Disorder. The numerous symptoms include the hoarding of useless things and the acquisition of multiples of certain items in the belief that they form some sort of complete 'set'. Sufferers often deprive themselves in order to pursue this desire. Several cases have been reported, including a gentleman whose house was stacked from floor to ceiling with newspapers dating back to before World War I. It is an extremely disabling psychological disorder that deserves more sympathetic treatment.
  • Kevin
    At least she bought stuff, better than those old people who fill their house full of crap and have to burrow tunnels in the crap to get around.
  • Pokey
    A search team? You mean some thieving bastards? Or did they queue up outside her house from 5am on Boxing Day before stampeding in and loading up?
  • Mike H.
    Pokey - Thats probably what finished her off, since it seems she was burried alive, "She was dead when we found her Guv, 5 hours later after we'd had a brew and chocky digestive..."
  • Kim S.
    Love this site - will visit again soon!

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