Pouring bacon to replace milk, water by 2015

Bitterwallet - bacon syrupBacon is widely recognised as the world's greatest foodstuff. White bread, a little red, a little brown, done crispy. Boom. That's how we do it, and we can't get enough of it. But what to do when you want more bacon goodness? You can't keep eating bacon, can you? That would be rude. No, you need to be drinking your bacon.

Introducing Torani Bacon syrup! Got coffee? Now you've got bacon coffee. Got ice cream? Forget it Heston, we've got our own:

Bacon enthusiasts will recognize the same savory, meaty flavor as authentic bacon in this salty, sweet syrup. Torani Bacon syrup adds savory bacon flavor to cocktails, lattes, sauces and more.

Could this be the single greatest invention since the Fleshlight? Andy reckons so, and we can only agree.



  • Gary P.
    I bet there is no trace of any actual bacon in there. It is probably vegan.
  • Tom P.
    Is this a Jewish and Muslim friendly drink?
  • Codify
  • wonky h.
    I pour it on my knob. When bumming foxes.
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. My friend wants to know if you pour this on your "knob" (penis), will it make it BIGGER over time? Thanks, from my friend.
  • Nobby
    > My friend wants to know if you pour this on your “knob” (penis), will it make it BIGGER over time? Yes, it is quite sticky, and so each extra coating makes your nob a little bigger as it doesn't all run off. This has the added bonus of attracting flies which enhances the rate of growth.
  • The B.
    [...] a cup of tea or a game of back seat yankee doodle. And there are many ways bacon can comfort us; in a syrup, as a suit and now, as an air freshener. Yes. if there’s a special somebody in your life who [...]
  • Bacon! B.
    [...] just to recap, then – you can wear it as a suit, you can use it as a pouring syrup over any meal, it’s the perfect air freshener and of course it tastes bloody marvellous on a [...]

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