The prolonged winter has affected everything from butterflies and bluebells to sales of summer Mum jeans at Next. Now, if you’re a hay fever sufferer, the delayed Spring is also going to bugger up your nasal passages for the foreseeable future.

Over the weekend, the pollen count went from zero to high and looks set to go nuts until June, says the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit.

‘The cold spring meant a late start for pollen, with a pollen burst now in a condensed period,’ said Professor Roy Kennedy. ‘It means peak pollen levels early in the season – not later, as normal.’

The NHS are advising the UK’s 16 million hay fever sufferers to take precautions, such as washing your clothes after you’ve been outside and ‘wearing wraparound glasses.’

As if the prospect of constant sneezing and snot streaming down your chin wasn’t bad enough, now 16 million people are going to be walking around looking like Bono.

See you in the Autumn.


  • Dick
    Has Bono just graduated? He looks like he is wearing a mortarboard.
  • chewbacca's m.
    @Dick No - it's one of those now 'wearable wallets' that all the celebrities have now...Safer than a bank.
  • Inspector G.
    What I don't get is that Piriteze sponsors the pollen count bit of the weather. SURELY THIS IS A CONFLICT OF INTERESTS?
  • Alexis
    LOL. What's so tough about high fever? If you're really susceptible just pop a cetirizine or loratadine tablet with breakfast, lunch a dinner.
  • Old G.
    That cetirizine stuff makes me so drowsy I fall asleep in my dinner. I don't mind the gravy all over my face, I just don't want the snot mixing with it.
  • *(required)
    Bono... Pencil balancing world champion 2013... Rock on!
  • bobinio
    I always thought he was a Bic-head.
  • Marky M.
    He seems to be in denial about its existence. Like ignoring his own record on tax evasion whilst bleating how the West should write off Africa's debts.
  • JasminehatesNewBarnet
    Bono has got REALLY red eyes in the photo, poor lamb, must be a bad case of hay fever. Not 'wanky hi tech I am trendy me' wrap around sunglasses. Pass him a piriton, someone. Or better still, a talent pill.

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