Plain packaging for cigarettes is go

cigarette The plan to put cigarettes in plain packets is on, as ministers have vowed to force shops to sell packets of smokes in unglamorous packaging.

Jane Ellison, the public health minister, said that she thinks the new packets will be in shops by next Spring. Despite anger from back benchers, she said that an independent report had found it was "very likely to have a positive impact on public health". Draft legislation will be drawn up soon.

Of course, health campaigners are strongly in favour of this move and they think it'll discourage smoking, which in turn could save lives. However, it has been suggested that plain packaging makes people want to smoke more.

Tobacco manufacturers are obviously unhappy at the idea and have suggested that this will only serve as encouragement for the black market.

"In light of this report and the responses to the previous consultation in 2012 I am therefore currently minded to proceed with introducing regulations to provide for standardized packaging," Ellison told parliament. "In order to ensure that that decision is properly and fully informed, I intend to publish the draft regulation so it is crystal clear what is intended alongside a final short consultation".


  • jiggle
    so the tobacco companies say they don't want it, and an independent study of Australia showed that it actually increased the amount people smoke. so shouldn't the tobacco companies they support it?
  • jim
    yeah but their marketing teams will cry cos no one will be able to see their pretty logos.
  • Samantha
    @jiggle No because it showed that people could smoke more because they didn't feel the social pressure to buy more expensive brands, therefore they could afford more cigarettes, but it's bad for all tobacco companies except for the bargain basement ones. It effectively limits their marketing strategy to competing on price and nothing else. It's hard to inspire brand loyalty or to position yourself as a premium product when no one can see your brand.
  • Snoopy
    Plain packaging is also good for counterfeiting. How many people can tell the difference between a name brand and a value brand?

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