Plain packaging cigarette case to be heard in December

cigarette British American Tobacco are fighting the plain packaging rule on cigarettes that is due to come in play in Britain. And they predict that their case will be heard in court in December, with a possible final resolution by the end of play in 2016.

"We expect a hearing in December," Jerome Abelman, said BAT's director of legal and external affairs, adding that "whatever the decision, there will likely be appeals."

In case you missed it, Britain adopted a law in March that would see an end to tobacco products being sold with any branding, colours or logos.

The government think that plain packaging will get rid of some of the attraction of smoking, particularly to younger people. As it stands, plain packets will be on the shelves (hidden away, of course) in May 2016.

Naturally, cigarette-producers BAT and their rivals at Philip Morris International, aren't having any of it and are challenging the law.

Of course, there's been a number of studies into all this, and some have shown that cigarette sales actually increase with plain packaging. Anti-smoking groups meanwhile, are thrilled at the prospect of anything that discourages smoking.

Either way, smoking itself won't be banned, so the government can at least keep raking it in from all that lovely tax they harvest from the smokes.

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  • Albi
    FFS. BAT make $6billion profit a year. Fuck em

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