Plain cigarette packaging to be challenged in court

22 May 2015

cigarette The debate over plain cigarette packaging won't go away. Some say it doesn't work (quite the reverse, in some opinion) while others think that anything that might discourage smoking is a good thing. Others, meanwhile, wonder if everything that is bad for you is going the same way - is booze and crisps headed for plain, boring packaging?

One company who aren't impressed are Philip Morris International Inc. Of course, they provide the world with smokes, so that isn't surprising. They've filed a suit in an English court, challenging the UK regulation that bans branding on cig packets.

Under the plain packaging law, which parliament approved in March, smokes will be sold in uniform packs and will loose all colours and distinctive logos. By 2016, they'll just have ugly lungs on and corpses and the like. Someone should buy shares in fancy cigarette cases, and sharpish.

Philip Morris said that these regulations violate European Union and English law, and unlawfully deprive the company of trademarks that help distinguish their cigarettes from the brands of rival companies.

"We respect the government’s authority to regulate in the public interest, but wiping out trademarks simply goes too far," said Marc Firestone, the company’s general counsel.

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  • Joe
    He thinks its wrong that brand recognition is taking a hit. Selling a product that seems to be designed to kill is the real problem.
  • Raggedy
    Hey Joe. Where you going with that gun in your hand? Ex smoker? :-) If cigarettes/tobacco products were designed to kill, so were cars/vehicles and you only used to get them in the same bland packaging in the early days. Guns/rifles ARE designed to kill and they're still allowed to have their own distinctive names and trademarks. IF tobacco products killed EVERYONE they would have been declared illegal years ago but, let's be honest here, £12 billion in Tax makes it very difficult for any such reports to get out. :-)

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