Organic food isn't better for you so stop wasting your cash on it

Food snobs and chancing farmers have been rocked on their heels after a new study concluded that eating organic food is no better for you than the normal stuff.

The organic food industry is said to be worth £2.1 billion every year, but the findings of Dr Alan Dangour, a public health nutritionist, for the Food Standards Agency, could have proponents of the mud-covered grub looking at the floor, whistling and then shuffling away quietly.

Dr Dangour (who must be fearing for his life right now) says that the only thing organic food has more of is acidity and phosphorus, neither of which benefit we humans in any significant nutritional fashion.

His report doesn’t actually say “If you buy organic food you’re wasting your money” but hints at it as strongly as is possible. Gawd strewth, they’ll be telling us that massive carbon emissions are okay next…


  • goon
    this is probably true in the nutritional sense. but i do find it tastes better, stuff like tomato. im not a food tit and will eat any old shit put in front of me. but i will buy stuff like organic chickens and eggss on principal that the chicken should have a decent life. i wont buy stuff like smart price beans. they taste shit. fact
  • Pedegg
    I couldn't care less about animal welfare, but I do find organic tastes better, as good said, I find tomatoes a particularly good example, organic ones actually taste like tomatoes.
  • Andrew
    I'm not disputing the findings of this study, but (most) people who buy organic food do so because of it's impact on the environment i.e less use of fertilisers, animal welfare, etc. If it makes them feel better about themselves, let them do it.
  • Joff
    As with the above replies, the reason most people buy organic isn't for any additional nutrition but for it's lesser impact on the environment and the hope that the produce isn't drenched in pesticides.
  • SimbaK2K
    This is the stupidest report ever. Its not just about the taste, its about chucking gallons of chemical waste onto the soil which will end up ruining the ground in the long run. I doubt the hundreds of toxins help your body either.
  • A. r.
    What pisses me off is that you are doing a quick shop, you reach for some Broccoli, when you get home, you realise you picked up some twice the price organic shit that is exactly the same, from the same farmer, from the same fuckin' field!
  • Ian
    Yeah I can only echo the posts above me. It's about the reduction in use of chemicals on the environment.
  • Duaine D.
    Call me an outrageous mentalist, but I feel better having switched to eating organic fruit and vegetables for the past couple of weeks. On that basis I dispute the findings in this report
  • Carlos J.
    Your an "outrageous mentalist" :) :P someone had to do it, you obviously have money to burn too, so more power to your elbow :)
  • Nobby
    I find home grown tomatoes (whether organic or not) taste better than anything in the shops, even organic. It is not being organic that matters for taste, it is the way they are forced to grow and ripen too quickly that ruins the taste for commercially grown tomatoes.
  • Grow o.
    Organic food isn't and never was about the taste. It is about protecting the environment that we have been pushing to the edge of destruction since the agricultural revolution. Keystone insect species without which we would have no crops in the first place are on the brink of extinction because of herbicides, pesiticides and intensive farming. Paying a bit more for organic crops isn't only sensible, it is essential if we are to maintain biodiversity.
  • KB
    ahh the old 'its better for the environment' crap. True, organic farming uses less chemicals, less fertiliser etc, but that ain't always a good thing. Crop yeilds are much lower (hense part of the price hike), as there's less fertiliser, and more spoilage due to pests / weeds etc. As there's less fertiliser, organic farming also puts a greater strain on the land that is being farmed. All those crops strip rthe nutrients out of the soil, rather than out of added fertilisers. This means farmers have to leave feilds fallow for more time compared to regular farming. As much organic food is grown in developing countries, this low yeild / land strain means farmers need more land to farm on to keep their incomes year after year. This leads to more land being converted to agricultural use. The result? Kiss goodbye to your rainforests folks! Nothing like a bit of deforestation to help the environment. Next time you decide to buy organic... think about what its actually doing to the land. Muppets.
  • Song B.
    The Organiic logo thing is a load of bollocks. The bloody Soil Association have hijacked the term 'organic'. You and I may grow tomato plants or whatever crop in our brand spanking new home made compost, isolated from our crap soil, with no chemicals used to grow your own clean as a whistle tomatoes and this is the height of what you may call organic, as long as you didnt shit in the compost heap...and yet you would have to pay the soil assosciation to do shitty surveys on your soils and growing methods before you are allowed to say your goods are organic. Perhaps we need a new term to kill off the quangos.
  • A. r.
    Dr Dangour (who must be fearing for his life right now) Hiding from tree huggers brandishing an organic leek!
  • PN
    KB, That'll be why I buy in season from UK suppliers then. This report concentrates on Nutrients only. It ignores flavenoids (wtf?) and the impact that eating pesticides on veg and Antibiotics/Oestrogen from meat have on your body. I'm a smart guy doing a job with other smart people for which we all get paid twice the national average wage. We all eat organic and buy UK food in season. Now whether we are better off because we eat organic or we eat organic because we are better off is another question. All I know is that the successful people I know eat organic and the others don't.
  • KB
    PN. I'm very happy for you. Really, I am. Unfortunately, the UK doesnt produce enough food (let alone organic food) to feed its population. We are a net importer as a country. It's good to know you are successful enough to buy up that premium organic locally produced food. Shame about the other 7 billion people in the world eh? Do you think if everyone on the planet converted to organic food, there'd be enough to go around? Or is it that you just dont care as long as the organic food is making you and your buddies smarter than the average bear (WTF is that all about anyway... are you implying the rest of the population that doesnt eat locally produced organic food are somehow retarded?). Organic food is simply not sustainable on a global scale.
  • MN
    KB, nice to see that you think about these things. Perhaps if you weren't so arrogant about it, Christ I only thought people knew everything about cars, computers and mobile phones, now for some people add food. Whilst in essence what you are saying is true, it does omit certain facts, like 25% of food is wasted by consumers, how much is wasted otherwise, in production and transport I don't know. So perhaps some people eating organic but not wasting it is ethically better than wasting huge amounts of food. Also, notice that in these times of financial restraint that we have public employees churning out the same crap that has been churned out for years. As usual the truth will be found somewhere in the middle.
  • Earthworm
    @KB Jean Ziegler, the (Ex-) United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food from 2000 to April 2008 and the World Food and Agrigulture Organization have repeatedly stated that with the CURRENT supply of food, 12 Billion people could be well fed. This whole "feed the world" argument by proponents of chemical, oil-based and GMO farming is pure propaganda. Switching to organic worldwide would do exactly three things: 1. Secure the food supply for future generations to come, because "conventional" farming is not sustainable (see soil degradation by oil-based chemical and industrial farming) 2. Save Biodiversity and our Planet for the benefit of all living beings 3. Ruin the anti-social profit-schemes of the multinational agro-industrial complex and instead enable traditional (most of the time subsistent) farmers - almost half the population of this planet, still - to continue to make a living
  • dude
    1) its not all about self. 2) Grow your own and choose what chemicals you put on it and eat it a lot fresher than the supermarkets provide. I'm pretty sure its been proven that fresh veg is better than days old stuff.. Nice troll BW.
  • Mike
    Posted by Nobby | July 30th, 2009 at 12:23 pm I find home grown tomatoes (whether organic or not) taste better than anything in the shops, even organic. It is not being organic that matters for taste, it is the way they are forced to grow and ripen too quickly that ruins the taste for commercially grown tomatoes.
  • zeddy
    I have great difficulty finding organic Space Raiders.
  • Shooter M.
    @ Joff - carried out in depth analysis before your sweeping generalisation?

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