Open plan offices are bad for you

Do you work in an open plan office, where you have to breathe the same air as your wretched colleagues, and watch as they snivel, cough, fart and sneeze through the day?

open plan

Well, your workplace could be endangering your health, not least because you have to suffer Malcolm from accounts and his ‘interesting’ smell. That’s according to Swedish researchers from Stockholm University, who analysed data from 2000 staff working in open plan ‘flexi’ offices.

They found that there was ‘a significant excess risk’ of short term illness from working in open plan offices, especially for women. (Why? Because we like to breathe on each other?).

As well as infection, they also cited noise and lack of privacy as a factor that could damage health.

The study’s leader, Christina Danielsson, wrote: ‘The cumulative evidence... indicates that traditional open-plan offices are less good for employee health.’


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  • just s.
    This article is a little lazy non? You've told us just 3 facts as to "why" and not even linked to the research.

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