Now it is the turn of the UK to shout at Nurofen

nurofen The Australians have already told off the makers of Nurofen for selling meds that are pretty identical, apart from the boxes and price, and now, it is the turn of the UK.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is going to examine complaints that drug firm Reckitt Benckiser (who produce Nurofen) are misleading everyone with their claims for specific pain relief on the packets of their products.

Yesterday, we reported that an Australian court order the products to be pulled, as they claimed that they were able to deal with different types of pain, despite having pretty much exactly the same ingredients in each of the boxes. This affects Nurofen Back Pain, Period Pain, Migraine Pain and Tension Headache products.

Of course, these particular versions of Nurofen were almost double the price of the regular painkiller.

After the ruling, the ASA launched their own investigation into the claims made in the TV advert for Nurofen Express, following up complaints made earlier in the year. An ASA spokesperson said: "Complainants have challenged whether the ad is misleading because it implies the product directly targets muscles in the head."

"They've also challenged whether the claim 'gives you faster headache relief than standard paracetamol or ibuprofen' is misleading."

It turns out that the ASA have been investigating this since March. The spokesperson continued: "The advertiser [Reckitt Benckiser] is providing evidence to substantiate its claims. We're carefully assessing that and we'll publish our findings in due course."

The ingredient in question here, is ibuprofen lysine 342mg - Nurofen have that in all of these products, so to say that by changing the box, the active ingredient will know to target your period pains, rather than your headache, is clearly a bit dodgy, and more more effective at treating a type of pain compared to any other Nurofen specific-pain product.

Either way, buy cheaper, more generic pain relief - it does the same thing!


  • squiffy
    A packet of 16 Paracetamol can be bought for less than 20p, 16 Ibuprofen less than 30p, why people pay more i don't know. Read the active ingredients, it has to show them by law.
  • bob
    I do buy nurofen - not because it's better (it isn't) but because they do those tablets that melt on your tongue. I'm terrible at swallowing pills, so it's the only way I can take them. Does anyone know of a cheap alternative that doesn't involve choking down tablets?
  • Fat H.
    @Squiffy Paying more allows the snobs a more expensive headache.
  • jim
    @bob crush them between 2 spoons then gently insert the powder into your anus.

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