NHS sex education gets interactive on YouTube

In our day, Choose Your Own Adventure books involved a temple, or an underground kingdom, or a spaceship. More often than not there was a reasonable chance of your character falling off a cliff or drowning or disappearing into the eternal damnation of an endless time vortex.

These days, kids don't have books, they have YouTube. And instead of temples and kingdoms to enter and explore, they have drunk women. And nobody is doing to fall to their death or drown, but they might get a nasty dose of cockrot.

Frankly, these new games sound shit, but that's real life, innit? It's the new way for tweens to learn sex education - you may have already seen these NHS-funded, Choose Your Own Adventure style series of videos, each interlinked to let the viewer decide the narrative. If only kids in school could read, perhaps they'd still be enjoying Choose You Own Adventure books, instead of screwing each other in the youth club.

They still have youth clubs, right?


  • PokeHerPete
    Im 12 and what is this?
  • The B.
    Nope, they don't still have youthclubs, my local authority has knocked our local youthclub down and is in the process of replacing it with an £8 million virtual reality centre and "indoor street", and who says Liberals are loonies?
  • a s.
    Doesn't relate to me at all. I'm not black, and I do not have a crap 1970s avocado bathroom suite.
  • nice
    Nice avocado bathroom suite.
  • sex
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