NHS reduces family planning classes to just three words

Seriously, this has to be another wind-up. There is no way our taxes were handed over to either a NHS Trust or design company that didn't realise what they were doing here.

Still, it's sound advice, it saves you a trip to Amsterdam and from what we hear about Northampton, it's probably best they're not procreating anyway:

Bitterwallet - family planning advice in Northampton



  • Tom P.
    "it saves you a trip to Amsterdam" Why, what's going down in Amsterdam?
  • Jacob
    Tom - lots of prostitution in Amsterdam. Therefore go to Amsterdam and not worry about 'family planning'. Anyway, shame on Bitterwallet - this has been around for literally years! It's even in a book that I own about family planning signs.
  • LB33
    Jesus christ, this has been floating round the internet for a good ten years!
  • Amanda H.
    yeah, at least 30 years before the internet was invented.
  • Timbo
    Welcome to 2000 BitterWallet!!
  • bod
    Recycled Carry On film jokes passed off as breaking news - nice work.
  • lidds
    OMG you moaning bores nd i dont think they are trying to pass it off as breaking news exactly
  • Andy
    As fake as this: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/15/22360542_4f33376a19.jpg
  • pauski
    Slow news day?
  • kfcws
    well it was there 5 years ago at least. Took a photo similar to that too as I thought it was too funny to leave
  • Nobby
    Anyone remember the TO LET sign on "That's Life" where someone had put an I beween the O and the L? Coming soon to BW ...

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