Nestle loses trademark on KitKat

Kitkat-logo The notoriously kind people at Nestle, who don't think water is a human right and have all manner of dubious things going on, have lost a court case, where they tried to trademark a shape.

They've been in court, trying to claim ownership of the four-finger stylings of the mighty KitKat. They tried to register it back in 2010, but Cadbury opposed it. In the High Court in That London, it was judged that the shape of a KitKat has not "acquired a distinctive character" enough to be considered for a trademark.

Mr Justice Arnold said that he weighed it all up, concerning the "distinctive character" of the "three-dimensional shape", but ended up ruling against Nestle. Of course, Nestle are going to appeal, and in the meantime, you can still pop down the bargain-shops and pick up four-fingered chocolate bars that aren't KitKats at all.

In a statement, presumable from their secret volcano base, Nestle said: "Kit Kat is much loved and the iconic shape of the four-finger bar, which has been used in the UK for more than 80 years, is well known by consumers. We believe that the shape deserves to be protected as a trade mark in the UK and are disappointed that the court did not agree on this occasion."

"We are taking the necessary steps to appeal this judgement."

Cadbury owner Mondelez, who themselves have found themselves to be rather unpopular of late, thanks to messing around with the Creme Egg recipe, said: "We are pleased by this ruling by the UK High Court which is in line with our contention that the shape of the Kit Kat bar is not distinctive enough to be protected as a trade mark."

So there you go. KitKat should do an advert which makes the KitKat look like a hand giving the middle finger to everyone. We'd enjoy that type of petulance.

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