Nesquik is not a 'great start to the day'

nestle Do you start your day with a glass of Nesquik? Do you think it is great? Well, stop that! Nestle have been told to remove the 'great start to the day' slogan from Nesquik, after a ruling said it isn't so!

It said that the sugary drink encouraged children to indulge themselves in poor nutritional habits, even though we suspect everyone already knew it wasn't meant to be good for you, what with it being chocolate stirred into milk.

The Children's Food Campaign complained about the ad, especially the Nesquik bunny. Nestle defended themselves, saying that the bunny had been carefully designed to promote a 'physically active, energetic character who could promote a healthy lifestyle'. They added that 'great start' in this instance, means that Nesquik could be slurped down in a morning, for general enjoyment purposes.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld the complaint, saying that the 'great start' claim is likely to be understood as a reference to the health benefits of the drink. Again, we're talking about chocolate being stirred into milk here. Honestly, these people. They also noted that the cartoon bunny is likely to appeal to children, and alongside the 'great start' claim, it is likely that people might think that Nesquik is a suitable breakfast option for kids.

The ASA said: "While we understood that semi-skimmed milk alone contained 9.6g of sugar per 200ml serving, which allowed for an orange traffic light label, we also understood that a 200ml serving of Nesquik hot chocolate contained 20.3g of sugar."

"Because the product was high in added sugar, we considered that the suggestion that Nesquik was a suitable regular breakfast option for children encouraged poor nutritional habits in children and that the ad therefore should not have appeared at all."

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