Movie goers offers life insurance for the horror of Evil Dead

cinema A cinema in Wales is doling out free life insurance to those piss-scared of watching horror flick Evil Dead. The strapline of the film is: "The most terrifying film you will ever experience".

They all say that though, don't they?

Jamie Hughes, deputy manager of the Gwyn Hall cinema in Neath, said: "Because of [the tagline] we are offering all our customers a free Scare Care policy."

What you'll get is a golden insurance certificate which will put toward the costs of a funeral if you die while watching it.

"We will pay their funeral costs - up to the value of their cinema ticket," Hughes explained. "Obviously it's a bit of fun, [but it's also] some added value because they would not get this in any other cinema."

Pauper's graves for all!

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  • Derek
    Wouldn't free dry cleaning be a better offer in case you shat yourself?

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