Make the pork promise. For fork’s sake

how could you resist this tasty chap?

I know I am not a schoolgirl, but asking someone with even a relatively un-grubby mind to make the pork promise is bound to raise a few titters surely?

With catchy slogans like “Love Pork” and “Stand by your Ham”, the aim of the campaign, organised by the Pig industry, is to drive consumers to look out for the Red Tractor logo when buying their chops, bacon, sausages and gammon.

Consumers are being encouraged to ‘Make the Pork Promise’ by looking more closely at the welfare standards behind the pork and pork products they are purchasing. With promises like “I promise to give more thought to the pork I’m forking”*, it is surprising that so far only 2,000 odd facebookers have signed up.

A page has been set up on Facebook which has been liked by over 39,000 people. Perhaps the other 37,000 are unwilling to fully commit to Porking.

Farm minister Jim Paice has also given his backing to the initiative. He is now officially a Porky Forker.

The target is to get 100,000 people to make the pledge on Facebook. Given the affinity avid Bitterwallet readers have for bacon and all things porky, we are sure you will go forth and swell the numbers of pledges. While porking. And forking.

*this may have been paraphrased. Slightly.


  • Dick
    That looks like a girl pig to me, not a chap.
  • The B.
    I believe that's Harriet Harman isn't it?
  • Boris J.
    "I promise to give more thought to the pork I’m forking." Have I done that right? I can't understand this facebookery so stay well away. Is it time for a new feral trolley yet? There's only so much 'enjoyment' you can get out of each image.
  • Whisky
    I couldn't give a fuck where it comes from as long as it tastes like sausages.

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