KFC table service for Valentine's

300px-kfc_logo_svg Have you got kind of relationship with your better half, where you are comfortable enough to do things that don't require a barrow-load of cash on Valentine's Day? Have you got a sense of humour? Like greasy-ass fried chicken?

You're in all kinds of luck, because KFC is going to be trialling a thing where you get table service on your date night. Of course, there's going to be a lot of people being incredibly sniffy about this, but think about it - eating chicken and sitting on your behind even more, with a person you like. Fantastic.

The KFC date-night service will even give you flowers, some linen napkins, a candelabra, and the staff will bring you your bucket of chicken on a little stand, like you're fancier than the colonel himself. Hopefully, they'll have a posh man to come and ask you if you'd like to try the fizzy pop, like it is wine as well.

Again. It is clearly meant to be silly, and no, you don't have to go, and the human race hasn't reach a low point. This is clearly a brilliant thing, and BW is hoping that they'll even cut our food up for us and feed it to us.

If you want in, you'll have to make your way to the Fishergate branch in Preston. Why this particular outlet? Well, it was the first ever KFC in the whole of the UK, but it is also the place where Bob and Pat Fogg met in 1965, who have a date night in the restaurant once a week, every week, since that day.


Seriously though - flowers are all well and good, but we'd sooner have a load of chicken wings and legs to plough through. This is clearly a fantastic idea AND it passes Dr Nick Riviera's 'window to weight gain' test! Result!

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