Kelloggs to cut salt because cereal gives you stroke-face

Kellogg's will be cutting down on the salt in your cereal so you don't have to, rendering Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies and other brands  almost pointless and flavourless thanks to a third of the salt being taken out. Slugs are said to be 'overjoyed' by the news.

Of course, this comes after pressure from health watchdogs who spend their time weeping over the stats on food packets that no-one understands.

The Government's Food Standards Agency and campaigning health groups have been asking Kellogg's to change their recipes. The FSA says Britain is eating too much salt. Britons can, it's worth pointing out, buy salt separately and drown everything they eat in it, if they want.

Apparently, the daily average for salt consumption is 8.6g, which is 43% above the recommended limit of 6g. This figure is linked to loads of premature deaths from conditions linked to high blood pressure, including strokes and heart attacks.

This change in recipe means that 300 tons of salt a year will be removed from the nation's diet.

Professor Graham MacGregor, chairman of Consensus Action on Salt and Health, said: 'We are thrilled that Kellogg's have finally acknowledged that people don't want salty breakfast cereals.

'However, even with the new reductions, Kellogg's breakfast cereals will still have more salt than many others available in the supermarkets, so they still have some work to do.'

Bloody hell. Assuming that Kellogg's is the biggest selling cereal on the market, surely that's an indication that people like a shitload of salt in their breakfast? People who don't want it can buy other brands, right?

Next week: Watchdog demands arse-wiping action from colons.

[Daily Mail]


  • Tom P.
    "Kellogg’s will be cutting down on the salt in your cereal" Good, they'll be more for the Council to spread on the roads and pavements.
  • Richard N.
    Haresh should contact the company and make it plain that if the advertised refund is not honoured then he will regard the monies due as a debt and will sell that debt to a collection company of the un-registered variety.
  • Amanda H.
    Make up your mind dammit, a few weeks ago it was "we haven't got enough salt, we haven't got enough salt" now its too much, It's like living with the chuckle brothers.
  • Klingelton
    but what of the job cuts in the salt industry?
  • DrTrouserPlank
    Yes, because cereals are the biggest cause of excessive salt intake, not the plastic sandwiches that people have to inhale in their 15 minutes lunch break or the ready-meals that this country lives on. I eat pretty healthy (far healthier than most anyway) I have bran flakes for Breakfast (about 50g). Bran flakes contain 1g salt per 100g, so that's a whopping half a gram for one of my three-square meals per day. It's not the breakfast cereals pushing people above the 6g limit (which incidentally is very easy to stay under)
  • Nobby
    Remember as well that companies tell you how much sodium is in the product per 100g, not how much salt. That 6g salt is only 2.4g sodium. And as for the amounts per serving, remember that they base their servings on really small portion sizes, not how much an adult would normally eat.
  • Kellogg B.
    [...] all comes on the back of Kellogg’s taking the salt out of their cereal with nearly a third being taken out of Coco Pops. Pesky Food Standards Agency and health groups. [...]
  • Reginald B.
    The report of this appalling, irritating and absolutely fatuous action outraged me to such a degree I, literally, farted my pants entirely off in vexation. I shall be writing to the appropriate Authorities immediately and shall also be seeking a compensation.

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