How much do you spend on being ill?

thermometerWe all feel a bit under the weather sometimes, and Monday-morning-it is has probably infected us all at one time or another. But instead of thinking about how much illness costs business in terms of lost productivity etc, how much does being ill cost you?

The answer, according to new survey data, is £8,500 over your adult lifetime. This figure includes prescription costs and over the counter medicines which comes out an average £5.60 per illness occurrence. And apparently we are a nation of sickly sorts- when asked “on average, how often are you unwell to the point of needing medication of some description?”, taking into account everything from a headache or hay fever to a more serious or long-term ailment, the most common answer was 'twice a month/fortnightly'.  Given an estimated adult life of 63 years (with average life expectancy up to 81 years old), that works out at £8,467.20 wasted on being ill.

What’s worse, 67% of those polled said that they have, on at least one occasion, not taken medicines they needed and a third of these said they suffered drug-free because of the cost. Other reasons included the belief that they would get better before they got around to buying it or not being bothered to get out of bed to go and buy medication.

Paracetamol came top of the medicine pops, with 24% buying this medicine most frequently, followed by cold/flu medicine (21%), ibuprofen (18%), anti-allergy (16%) and antibiotics (13%).  76% of people said their most common illness was a headache, but half of these weren’t real headaches at all, but brain numbing dehydration withdrawal effects after imbibing a little too much fermented grape juice or hops.

So have you ever foregone medicine because of the cost or is any money spent on your health money well spent?


  • Captain.Cretin
    I have a rare auto immune problem, the medication I need to stay healthy requires between £2,000 and £12,000 PER MONTH.(Until you take it, no-one knows how much you will need). The NHS wont fund it and I cant afford it, so for the last 5 years I have just stumbled along, getting weaker and weaker; during my last set of tests my results were down to 2.7% of a healthy adults.
  • andy y.
    What is the drug called?
  • Captain.Cretin
    NPlate is the commercial name, I forget the actual drug name. 80% effective and few side effects. The drugs they WILL give me are 30% effective and so dangerous they only get offered as a last resort (up to 16% death rate and hideous side effects).
  • digibanger
    Sorry to hear CC I worry about getting something serious Money, lifestyle, stuff, wummin, all don't matter if you don't have health I believe we should get rid of all the hospitals and all the gps - we should have SuperCentres of WellBeing - a one stop shop for everything not needing just a plaster or a asprin - you may have to travel further but at least you know when you get there - you'll come back feeling better or at least have an answer! Then then new gov came in and they are gonna give all the resources to.... wait for it, wait for it,.... GPs! mine is as useful as a chocolate tea pot P
  • haggis
    Is it called Romiplostim? The whole point of a fucking National Health Service is that those who need ball-breakingly expensive treatment can get it and the cost becomes negligible as it is spread over millions of contributions.
  • Captain.Cretin
    Yes, that is the one. The thing is, it is supposed to be taken for life; but anecdotal evidence from at least a few users has shown that dosages can be reduced and reduced again after a couple of years, so although it would be £2-12K per month at first, some of the people who were lucky enough to be on the UK trial are now costing a few hundred per month. And they dont really consider our quality of life - my haematologist told me I could live a perfectly normal life - " GREAT!" I said, "I can keep on skiing". GOOD GRIEF NO!! That is far too dangerous for someone in your condition" was his reply. Apparently "A perfectly normal life" means staying at home, doing nothing that might cause a bruise or a bleed, and slowly fading away as the fatigue levels build up. FATIGUE!! Something they were still denying existed only 18 months ago!!!
  • Sicknote
    The only medication I take comes from an off-license and is needed to numb the constant stream of spurious drivel on this website.
  • Jeepers C.
    And yet sicknote you continue to add to the noise on here. You da man.
  • Big M.
    @Sicknote - by 'off license' you mean private vineyard / winery in Malta or some such where. Bull-shitting fucktard.
  • digibanger
    Lancer - Moyes is on the phone wants to sign you - 140K a week - Interested?

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