HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 1st December

hukd_logob1Come here, out of the cold, cold weather and take shelter in this nest we’ve made for you. It’s lined with all of the bargains that we’ve found over at HotUKDeals and there’s even juice and biscuits too. Awww, isn’t it lovely? Now – start buying.

815151_1We’ve just finished reading this infuriating article, the kind we’ve seen many times before, where some hoity toity, Waitrose-dwelling journo attempts to survive for an entire weekend eating only food acquired in Poundland. Oh no – the potential horror! Will she survive? (Yes, she does).

We pooh-pooh such snobbery and would like to remind those of you that are currently in thrall to ‘the sniffles’ that branded remedies such as Covonia, Beechams, Lemsip and Meltus are available within their stores – all for only ONE POUND (full list at HUKD)

814843_1We’ve been full of big fancy talk of late about the cheap prices of the Harry Potter movie sexology on the sophisticated Blu-ray format, but thousands of you have bombarded us with complaints, because you’re still stuck in the age of the DVD.

Well good news – you can catch up with the antics of Harry himself along with Jeb, Mr Tumble, Little Florrie Cruickshanks and the Barnardo Boys by getting the Potter films 1-6 on DVD for just £12.99.

814405_1Finally, something for the more stylish and sophisticated among you out there – a scarf. ‘So what,’ some of you mewl, ‘I’ve got a scarf and it’s got me favourite football team’s colours all on it. What would I want me to do wiv a new scarf? One what hasn’t got me snots all up it like me other one?”

Erm, we’re not sure how to answer that, but if you make the minor purchase of a major broadsheet newspaper at the weekend, you could claim a FREE scarf worth £30 from the popular (but not Primark-popular) Austin Reed chain of gentleman’s scarfiers. Yes, it IS a word.

(deals found by HUKD members lucerysmum, mai and nicster08)

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