HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 26th January

hukd_logob1 Today’s Deals Of The Day carry a severe health warning as they are all capable of causing grievous bodily hurtiness to yourselves and/or others. Tread carefully dear readers…

If it ends up getting legal, HotUKDeals is to blame for all of this, not us. Okay?

592900Kicking off today, we’ve got the crazy-named ghd limited edition IV styler with free thermo protector – and it’s only £77.95. If you ask us, it sounds like something that the Doc from Back To The Future might keep under his bench for an emergency. Or Captain Caveman.

If you don’t have hair that needs to be straightened (ie, if you’re not Captain Caveman) you might be keen to learn the the ghd IV can be easily modded as a Jack Bauer-style instrument of torture. Or so we’d hope and imagine.

593316Next comes something that is a joy for imaginative children with busy minds and busy hands while simultaneously being a raging pain in the back-arse for those larger humans (parents and carers) who have to tidy the sodding things up when they’ve been scattered all over the floor.

We speak of course about Lego. Imagine 650 pieces of the colourful building bricks strewn all over your living space jarring into your feet like so many toy unicorns into clowns’ shoes. But imagine paying just £16.24 for them to be delivered to said living space. Now, if you like, try and imagine that you’ve never read anything about it. That’s better.

592862Finally today, another potentially lethal bargain. Four Gillette Fusion razorblades, nicely packaged and incapable of doing damage to anyone whatsoever. All yours for a most reasonable price of £5.00.

But, unpackage them, dismantle one of them and tape the blade to the handle of a toothbrush and you’ve got yourself a weapon of mass destruction and every prison psycho’s ideal Christmas present. So for god’s sake, be careful.

(deals found by HUKD members TheOvenglove, jj584143 and mervk)


  • barky
    "jarring into your feet like so many toy unicorns into clowns’ shoes"-what does that even MEAN?? why do you insist on using a thousand words when a few will do? About as funny as cancer-stick to the facts please instead of some ten year olds attempt at writing for viz.
    • Andy D.
      @barky - it's a reference to the story a few inches down the page. Oh, and I've already written for Viz on a few occasions in the past. Thanks for dropping by - looking forward to more from you.
  • Steve v.
  • stephen p.
    @barky cancer-stick? cigarette? Seriously dont read it if you dont like it, its always been like this and for me its the reason i read it. LONG LIVE VIZ-A-LIKE WORDING!!!!
  • Dear d.
    @barky Twat.

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