Greggs include rasher of bacon in vegetarian sandwich

We all love bacon, but it seems a bit much for Greggs to be putting great greasy rashers of it inside cheese sandwiches.  One diligent twitter user shared the unexpected item in the baguette area.

bacon cheese


They tweeted: "Look what my vegetarian colleague Caroline just found in her Cheesy Bandit Baguette from @GreggstheBakers. Shocking!!"

You could argue that you might be asking for it if you're willing to buy something called a 'cheesy bandit', but really, it isn't on that Greggs should be including bits of meat that large in a meat-free product. Think of how awry things could've been if this was picked up by someone who didn't dig on swine for religious reasons.


  • Keith
    "Dig on swine"? Who is writing this total rubbish!
  • Dr Z.
    Twitter's great for inane shite isn't it? Imagine someone finding a bit of bacon that has fallen out of another product and landed on top of a "veggie" product?! You couldn't make it up...
  • Keith
    Or people who took a rasher of bacon from one baguette and placed it across the bag of another! That would never happen so the story must be true.
  • Walter W.
    @Keith The 'Dig on swine' quip was a nod towards Pulp Fiction. It's what Samuel L Jackson says to John Travolta when asked if he's Jewish
  • Keith
    @Walter White - cheers for that. Still a shite story created out of nowt!
  • Walter W.
    I won't argue with you on that point. BW hasn't had a decent story in months
  • Andy D.
    @Walter White - if I was STILL reading a site that hadn't had a decent story 'in months', I'd take a long hard look at myself.
  • Dr Z.
    We live in hope...
  • Gordon B.
    It's hard to tell whether one of the editors really has appeared and is trying to defend this blog, or whether someone has realised that they can type anything they like into the 'name' box ... still, gives me something to read during my lonely refractory periods.
  • shiftynifty
    True non shit story bro... probaly a euphemism for “Look what my vegetarian colleague Caroline just found in her Cheesy Bandit Baguette from Greg.......oh yeah
  • Walter W.
    @Andy Dawson I don't read this site per se, I simply see the headlines as they appear on the HUKD website feed This headline seemed extra crap so I clicked on it, knowing there's be some witty responses towards BW but I also knew there'd be asinine responses like yours which normally why I steer clear So thanks for being such a cunt and proving I'm right not to click on the links 99% of the time
  • fat s.
    Hilarious article Mof. I laughed myself silly. Keep up the good work.
  • Andy D.
    @Walter White - so when you said there hadn't been a decent story in months, that was mainly based on you looking at the headlines. Well done.
  • Peter
    Is it a vegetarian sandwich or just a fucking roll without meat, there is a difference. Also, who the fuck complains about free bacon!
  • Angry R.
    Am I the only one who thinks that the name 'Cheesy Bandit' is just wrong?
  • great s.
    free bacon. mmmmmmmm
  • shiftynifty
    Angry Daily Mail Reader fuck off
  • Angry R.
    Shifty - ahh, you tough, little man.
  • thingy
    Greggs don't advertise any of their food as being vegetarian anyway. Which of your products are suitable for vegetarians? We have a range of sandwiches and savouries which are meat free including Egg Mayonnaise, Cheese Savoury and Cheese and Tomato. We also have the Cheese & Onion Pasty and Cheese & Tomato Pizza, which are made solely with vegetarian ingredients and don’t contain any animal derivatives or animal rennet. We always advise our customers that our non-meat food is produced in the same environment as food containing meat. Savouries are baked in the same shop ovens as our meat-based savouries; hence we do not advertise them as being vegetarian.
  • Graham
    I don't understand why people come on here to complain. It's a satirical news site in a similar fashion to the Onion that specialises in sensationalising slow news day stories. If you want to read proper news then go to the Guardian or BBC websites. Or at least offer an alternative newsite that does a similar thing if you think this one is doing it so badly. Of course they are shit stories, that's the JOKE. Coming here to purely complain about something that you don't have to read says a lot about your personality. Bitter.
  • Mary H.
    would she have been complaining if it was a big thick sausage? probably a lezza anyway
  • Dr Z.
    Graham, irony isn't your strong point, I'm sensing.
  • shiftynifty
    Graham tells it as it is fuckers
  • Mofs M.
    Graham, yar da man.
  • Rhinestonesouron
    Fuck, that cheese sandwich has got more meat in it than a Gregg's Scotch Pie!
  • LancerVancer
    Sell the bacon to a real person and give the money to an animal charity. Hope this comment is ok Andy.
  • Andy D.
    Herp de de derp de de durp dah durp.

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