Get the butties in, it's Bacon Connoisseurs’ week!

While our continuing in-depth coverage of bacon-related matters has seen us drift from our hard-nosed consumer agenda, it's one of the more popular topics on Bitterwallet. Whether it's the bacon alarm clock, the bacon toothpaste, or the world's best bacon sandwich ever, we know what our avid readers like - a mouth of fleshy pink meat.

Thanks to avid reader Damien, we're now aware that Bacon Connoisseurs’ week starts today! So what can we expect? Parades? TV documentaries? Free bacon? None of these things. Instead, this is what's on the cards:

• there's an awards ceremony to find the best bacon in Britain, picked from over 250 varieties. We HAVE NOT been invited.

• one of the award judges, and the 'face' of Bacon Connoisseurs’ week is Oz Clarke. The wine connoisseur. Modest Oz says: “I am renowned for being a wine connoisseur with one of the best palates in the business, so I am thrilled to turn my expertise into tasting and helping to pick bacon winners from the outstanding finalists."

• there's a baconologist you can get tips from and ask questions; proper questions, mind - not "Brown, red or both? Well?"

• if you share your 'bacon face' with Facebook, you could have your own specialty bacon created! We assume 'bacon face' is not a euphemism for 'vinegar strokes' or 'money shot'. Although perhaps it should be. In fact, we're delighted to say that it now is.

There's more bacon-related goodness on the official website or you can see what's cooking on Facebook.

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