From chain-smoking to chain-sawing - how one man's day can go spectacularly wrong

13 February 2012

How do YOU cope when you feel you’ve been unfairly treated as a customer? If you’re 24-year-old Dean Dinnen of Hull, and you’ve been turfed out of your local for flouting the smoking ban, you simply mooch off home, grab your favourite chainsaw and head back for some powerful retribution.

Dean is now starting a three-year prison sentence. Do they still use cigarettes as currency in jail?


  • Ash
    Drink Smart, Drink S-Mart.
  • Mike's H.
    There's a lesson to you all. That's what watching that Downturn "Fucking" Abbey on the BBC can drive you to.
  • Hank W.
    I live round the corner from this pub, they do the most amazing banana daiquiri!
  • Mike U.
    This is the type of sentance that should be handed down to all these piss head chavs who make everyone else's life a misery. The daft chav c**t deserved it, hope he gets bummed in the shower by foxes Time to touch your toes matey!!!!
  • Mark W.
    Thing is, if there is ever a zombie apocalypse, who you gonna call?
  • Mark W.
    Oh, and I hear they have luxuries like Playstations in prison these days. Sit this guy down with the Resident Evil series and he'll be a model prisoner.

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