Every body's gone to the moon for $9,995

What to do with our loved ones when they expire? Sticking the corpse in a deep hole is old-fashioned, and setting them on fire just doesn't say "I love you but now you're dead" strongly enough. Not to worry, because soon those folk with more money than mind will be able to send their former family members to the Moon.

Not all of them, though, or even a single body part, like the head. For the not inconsiderable sum of $9,995, Celestis Memorial Spaceflights will blast a single gram of the cremated soul into space. But there's added value to be had, because the price includes the option of watching the launch, an inscription of the deceased's name on an accompanying plaque, and complimentary scattering of the remainder of the remains at sea near the launch site. And you get a commemorative DVD. Aces.

Obviously the moon is a long way away, so if the dead suffered vertigo there's the option of a near-Earth orbit for just $2,495. If that's still too much excess and money and you'd prefer to stick them in the ground, then skimp on the brass handles and stuff them in a cardboard coffin for £85.

[Boing Boing]


  • MinstrelMan
    What a way to say your goodbye to a loved one, cut their head off sent that half to the moon while you burn the rest and scatter them in the sea (why not try to be efficent and just have them poached?) I mean seriously, build your own chuffin model rocket and attach their head to that, save yourself a few bob, i'm sure you can pick up them up from modelzone for about a ton,
  • acecatcher3
    only 1 gram, pff, not worth it is it.
  • Ten B.
    [...] to waste a few grand having a gram of your ashes blasted into space. You [...]

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