Electric shock 'Wonderpants' are a thing

y frontsEver fancied a pair of undercrackers that will give you a jolt of electricity through your nether regions? Well, you niche pervert, you're in luck! That's because there's underwear that's been developed that does exactly that.

Sadly, scientists are claiming that this isn't for sexy reasons, rather, a bid to combat bedsores, the most unsexy of all sores.

Apparently, these Wonderpants could spare 500,000 hospital patients from developing potentally life-threatening bedsores every year, thanks to electrodes which release tiny currents to stimulate the muscles and stop sores from developing.

Bedsores cost the NHS an estimated £4 billion per year, so these pants are not to be sniffed at (and we all know how much you lot like pant sniffing). These smartpants release a tiny shock every 10 minutes, right through the seat of your kecks.


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