Deathwatch: An app to help you watch your death

3 November 2014

smily death Want to know when you're going to die? A slightly more precise diagnosis rather than "at some point"?

Well there's now an app that can do that. Yes.

The Deadline app uses algorithms used by insurers - together with the Apple iPhone health tracking capabilities - to predict when you will cark it.


You do a quiz thing, which no doubt you can easily edit your answers to sound healthier than you actually are, and the app taps into your iPhone for additional health information.

Users then get a countdown clock showing the estimated time they have left on Earth.

The countdown clock also appears on the phone's lock screen, meaning that every time a user checks their phone they are given a reminder of their mortality. Lovely.

Which will be quite comforting if it shows another 40 years or so, but a worry if it flashes up with TOMORROW.

Of course, there's been a myriad a countdown death clocks online and in app-form, but this one seems more sophisticated than the rest. So much so that, if it is right, you can be certain that you're going to shuffle off your moral coil when the death alarm goes off, which means you can make sure you've said goodbye to everyone or, if you prefer, organise your funeral for while you're still alive so you can enjoy the party.

Like this guy!

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