Council bans smoking for workers

cigarette If you work for Nottinghamshire County Council and you smoke, there's some bad news for you - they want to ban smoking breaks for everyone, and that's including e-cigs as well as trad. arr. cigarettes. This is all thanks to new health proposals.

Seeing as they're so concerned about the health of staff, are they going to get rid of all the vending machines that sell crisps and chocolate, and advise staff that they shouldn't drink booze on work's parties?

Probably not.

Anyway, the council said the ban extends to all council buildings, land and vehicles, as they try to 'boost' the health of their workers' health. If they break these rules, staff will face internal disciplinary action. Will they punish them for not being healthy enough and make them go for a run for their penance?

The council’s deputy director of public health John Tomlinson said: "We are trying to be a supportive employer and have a duty of care to protect the health of our employees as part of a wider remit to take a leading role in promoting better health in Nottinghamshire."

The proposal would see smoking permitted on staff lunch breaks, but not if they're in uniform or anywhere near council property. Good luck enforcing that.


  • oldgit
    Is that because Nottingham County (and also City) Councils are run by moronic brain dead twats?
  • cynical
    "We are trying to be a supportive employer " - by taking away the human rights of your employees..... sounds about right for a governmental body.
  • Steve
    It may not be as daft as it sounds. I used to work in a shop where the backroom was full of smokers. I didn't smoke and as a result got a lot less breaks. Why should smokers have breaks whilst on the clock, when non-smokers don't also get the benefit?
  • Jaffacake
    My wife worked in a company with the same problem, smokers wandering off for a chat outside whenever they felt like it on the pretext of a cigarette, leaving non-smoking staff to do the work. In the end they organised a system where each non-smoker would follow their nominated smoker outside and just stand around not puffing. Where there was only one smoker in a room of four or five, and they all walked out together, bosses soon realised how much labour time was being wasted!
  • Ryan
    Non smokers can take breaks too. I don't think they have to smoke. You know what's good about breaks? They keep you sane and productive. I can see many feel that people should be forced to perpetually work without a rest because the bosses are losing productivity. That's a sick, sick view and you need help.
  • Father J.
    Blimey, next they'll be asking the idle fuckers to do some work. Outrageous!
  • Ian C.
    Damm right! Smoking breaks add up to what? 2 maybe 3 days off each year.

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