Commercial Break: If the cancer doesn't get you, the burgers will...

Kicking off the week with some abject misery, here’s the new ad from the wacky lifesavers at St. John’s Ambulance. You might have thought the organisation was mainly about getting into large sporting events for free, but you’d be wrong.

They’re also all about bumming out large swathes of the population by sticking adverts like this in the middle of everyone’s Downton Abbey fix. See the man battle cancer and get a second chance at life. Now see the man perish because no one at his all-clear celebratory barbecue knows what to do when he starts choking on a burger.

The message? Cancer survivors need to chew their food properly. Thanks St. Johns!


  • Dick
    So do St John's Ambulance attend private barbecues?
  • Justin A.
    Even if he chewed and swallowed the burger properly, it's food like that which is going to put him right back in the hospital, eventually.
  • Idi A.
    I love burgers, me.
  • Kevin
    Bit of an assumption that someone actually wants the consequences of trying to help. There is a reason the First Aid for Work comes with a £1,000,000 insurance policy.
  • SJ
    I like what I perceived as a little snarl of contempt on the daughter's face as the man is choking. I think she poisoned that burger...

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