Commercial Break: Cut it out ladies

Smoking’s a dirty business. Ask Yul Brynner (one for the teenagers there). This anti-smoking ad proves once and for all that puffing away on the nicotine sticks is exactly the same as getting the living daylights battered out of you.

It’s bad for your health and what’s more, it’s pretty anti-social as well, as the waiter in the restaurant demonstrates by escorting the warring ladies to a separate ‘special area’ where scum like them can half-kill themselves without the rest of us normal types having to see any of it.


  • Guy
    What's this got do with "CONSUMER HACKS, TIPS & NEWS FROM THE TRENCHES OF THE UK DEAL COMMUNITY"? Stick to Amazon mis-prices and slagging off Vodafone. Leave the "Nudges" to the politicians. Tit.
  • kiwi8mail
    "The first rule of Smoking Club is: you do not about Smoking Club..."
  • Mark C.
    That smoking area looked like damn good fun - a bit of a ruck's just as good for getting the pulse racing as a Marlboro is.
  • The B.
    Beats standing outside I suppose.
  • Madame O.
    Anti-smoking propaganda, and the twats behind it, makes me want to puke! I love the smokers: they're usually more interesting than other people. Everyone else is like the sheeps, minus the good looks.

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