Cigarette 10 packs - RIP

Cigarette 10 packs - RIP

We all know about the new rules about cigarette packaging. Basically, the boxes will now have to be plain, have the same opening mechanism, and the same font, across all brans bought in the UK.

They're also going to be plastered in health warnings.

The laws come into play on Friday, but it'll be a while before you see the new packaging, as shops have to get rid of all their old stock first.

However, we're also going to see an end to 10-decks, thanks to government regulations.

Companies have until May 20th, 2017, to stop selling packs of ten, and they also won't be able to say things like 'lite', or 'natural' on them.

So what's the idea with stopping 10-decks? Well, it is thought that this will discourage younger people from taking up smoking, as they're the cheaper option of the two. With many packs of 20 being sold for just shy of a tenner, the idea seems to be that, by making smoking prohibitively expensive, the kids will spend their money elsewhere.

There's also going to be a ban on menthol and flavoured tobacco, which is going to become a thing in 2020, and hand-rolled tobacco packs must now weigh at least 30 grams.

Will this work, and make the UK a healthier, smoke-free place, or is it just a sly scam to rinse those who smoke? We'll have to wait and see if these new rules make any difference.

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