Cadbury are scrapping Time Out bars

Cadbury are getting rid of another chocolate bar, this time, the mighty Time Out. Are they saying they're getting rid of it so people start getting faux outraged for some free publicity, and then 'triumphantly' bringing them back?

Not quite - see, they're only getting rid of half of the bar. Time Outs will be replaced with a slimline single-finger version called the Time Out Wafer.


So, in time, you'll notice that there's going to be fewer Time Outs on the shelves as stock runs out. If you're a massive fan of the treat, then you better start stockpiling now... or accept that you'll have to have to buy double of these new ones, if you're going to be sated.

Why is this all happening? Well, it is quite simple - no-one likes them. A spokesperson for Cadbury said the company had discontinued the current Time Out bar because it wasn’t very popular. We blame the rubbish new packaging, which makes it looks like some dreary Weight Watchers knock-off.

The new bar is called Time Out Wafer and is 111 calories per bar, and the spokesperson added: "We have withdrawn the current brand so the old one has gone and will be replaced. The original Time Out bars started to be withdrawn from sale in February."


  • Fagin
    Cadbury, everyone's tax avoiding friends & cheapeners of chocolate, made to a large degree in Poland. ruination of a great institution, I won't touch my old favourite bourneville any more. American Cad's Bury'd a fine brand.
  • Bonobo
    Buy Fazer Blue from Finland. The best chocolate around and it's not even expensive.

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