Burger King introduce bright red angry burger

Burger King are bringing you the Angriest Whopper, which is obviously spicy, and all on a a bright red bun, just in case you were in any doubt about what you were eating.

It is actually called the Angry Whopper, and features the usual patty, and also has thick bacon, cheese, lettuce, bits of damp salad and whatnot, and for the anger, jalapeños and angry special sauce. The bread is not only red, but it has hot sauce baked into it.

It looks like this. Like a bap out of hell.


The Angriest Whopper is available in Burger King as of today, if you want to get stuck into one on the way home from work. It'll be £6.99 for a meal, and just shy of a fiver for just the sandwich itself.

You might need to buy some extra toilet roll for when you've digested it as well.

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